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Resources for the Home Educator.

Dear Home Educator,
I am currently developing a series of resources that you can purchase for a small amount and use as lessons to enhance your science curriculum. The two sets of resources are aimed at 8+ and 14+ age groups.

I try to encourage young people to think critically about important scientific topics that relate to the subject of Origins and to see how science supports the claims of the Bible. To facilitate this, each lesson has several thinking activities for the student to complete. The thinking exercises are colour-coded and more information about the type of thinking can be found in the Thinking Skills Table that is available in the first lesson download. (S001 Price 50p)

The lessons sometimes include an optional Bible-based activity that is related to the lesson content. In addition, there is often a practical activity, with information on equipment and safety included in the lesson document.

Topics to be studied and their lessons are listed below, follow the link to find out more.

High School Student Resources:

What is Science?:
S001 A Critical Evaluation of the Scientific Method.

Evaluating Evidence from Geology and Palaeontology
R001Sedimentary Rocks and the Genesis Flood.
R002 Fossils and the Genesis Flood
R003 Plate Tectonics and the Genesis Flood

How Did Life Start and Develop
L001 DNA and the Origin of Life

Junior School Student Resources:
VJ001 Volcanoes and The Three States of Matter
VJ002 Volcanoes and The Movement of the Continents
VJ003 Volcanoes and Igneous Rocks

I am really excited about the development of these resources and would really appreciate feedback on what works for you and more importantly what doesn't!
Thanks for your support.


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